About Us

LunaSage planted its roots in 2021 as the world began to adjust to a new normal.  One that involved masking up, staying inside, and a tremendous amount of Zoom calls.  After spending an extensive amount of time indoors, Two friends set out to rediscover nature.  

Tired of living in sweatpants like so many did for so long, they began a journey to develop a brand of sleep and loungewear with a femme touch that could inspire women to feel pretty even while lounging around the house.  

With a love of nature and a desire to feel confident even in sleepwear, LunaSage was born. The brand consists of wearer friendly silhouettes crafted from natural fibers with soft and delicate details.  

Having nothing but the best quality in mind, the decision was reached to produce the garments locally in Los Angeles, Ca. Not only does this ensure visibility and control over the factories used during the production process, but it also allows us to support our local vendors and suppliers.  Your investment in us continues to make domestic production a possibility and we appreciate your support!